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    Thread: What is a "life" sentence?

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      What is a "life" sentence?

      So for kicks and giggles I decided to look up what is considere a "life" sentence in the USA. I knew that some states have it to where they can get out after 25 or 30 years as long as they don't get into more trouble within the system. I find it extremely funny that California, where my hubby is at, life is 100 years. Well if he can make it to 121 he'll finally get to come home to me.

      How long is a sentence of Life in prison in America?

      This depends on the jurisdiction and the case in question. No general answer is possible. There are 50 states, various territories and the federal government each with their own laws.
      If you have any questions or concerns please PM me

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      "A life sentence in the State of Florida means that the convict will never be free" Figures! Florida is like the tumor of the United States.

      Interesting post. I never knew that. I thought life was life.
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      Wow.....very sad.
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      In New York there is natural Life - Life Without Parole; and indeterminate Life - 10 to Life, 15 to Life, 25 to Life.

      As in many other states it is rare that any inmate is released at the minimum of their indeterminate sentence in New York.

      Every two years with a hit they are sentenced again and again and again by the parole board. It is not unusual for inmates to remain incarcerated for an additional 10, 15 or 20 years.

      I am not sure which is more cruel; dying in prison or living with hope; only to have it squashed every 24 months.

      A lesson in the demise of the confident, for it is the fattest that get slaughtered first.

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      In Oklahoma there is LWOP, and Life w/Parole which is technically considered to be 45 years.....however we've seen a few lifers make it out anywhere from 16 years on.......since we are now working on his 35th year behind the fences we may well get to test that 45 years........sigh........

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      In Texas it depends on when the crime was committed. R must serve 15 years for Capital Murder before he is eligible for parole. That same crime committed today must serve 40 years before being eligible. Now whether he'll get out at 15 or not has yet to be seen.

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