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    Thread: Coffee Creek Correctional Facility - CCCF Profile

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      Coffee Creek Correctional Facility - CCCF Profile

      Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
      2499 SW Grahams Ferry Road
      Wilsonville, OR 97070

      Superintendent: (503) 570-6412
      Information: (503) 570-6400
      Fax: (503) 570-6417

      Nancy Howton, Superintendent
      Royce Marlin, Assistant Superintendent General Services
      Heidi Steward, Assistant Superintendent Transitional Services
      Rob Persson, Assistant Superintendent Security
      Jana Wong, Public Information Officer

      Custody Levels:

      Mission Statement
      Be responsible member of the community by:

      Providing a safe, secure environment.
      Promoting meaningful work opportunities and programs to inmates.
      Maintaining resource/budget accountability.
      Maintaining value-based working and living environment for staff and inmates.
      Maintaining open communication, collaboration and respectful interaction with all persons.

      Vision Statement

      We will:
      Partner with the community in many ways through communication, interaction, volunteering.
      Role model positive values for all staff and inmates.
      Work collaboratively to make informed decisions.
      Develop staff to their full potential through training, cross-training, special projects, team participation, and other avenues available.
      Be innovative, creative thinkers.
      Listen and value all staff ideas and suggestions for change.
      Maintain a sense of humor and relay a positive work ethic to maintain high staff morale.
      Respond to inmate communications in a timely and appropriate manner.
      Not tolerate a code of silence.
      Provide a wide variety of creative, innovative programs to inmates.
      Provide and maintain viable work opportunities for inmates and meet Measure 17 compliance.
      Maintain effective/efficient transition programs for all inmates prior to release which follow them into community.

      Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) is a multi-custody
      prison accommodating all of Oregon’s female
      inmates. It provides intake and evaluation of all female
      and male inmates committed to state custody by the

      The prison has cell and dormitory housing, inmate work programs, skills training, education, treatment programs, health services, religous services, physical plant, warehouse space for on-site storage, a central records unit, and administration areas.

      CCCF opened its minimum-security facility in
      October 2001 and its medium-security facility in April
      Total acreage: 108
      Total number of sq. ft. inside the facility: 508,000
      Budgeted capacity: 1,692 beds
      432 male intake beds
      1,240 female security beds (including 162 treatment beds, 84 special housing beds and 36 mental health day treatment beds)
      Female inmate count on 3/15/2010: 1,144
      Male (intake) inmate count on 3/15/2010: 399
      In addition, 27 emergency beds
      Number of staff: 475

      Intake Information

      All inmates enter the Department of Corrections through the Intake Center at CCCF. The goal of the intake process is to prepare inmates for successful incarceration and reentry into the community. Inmates are evaluated, and their strengths and weaknesses identified. Programs and services to support pro-social change form the foundation of each inmate´s individual corrections plan.
      Inmates will experience the following:
      Math and reading testing;
      Medical and mental health screening;
      Alcohol and drug screening and education;
      An assessment of factors in inmates´ lives that contribute to committing crimes;
      A security classification; and
      A correctional plan for programs and services to address the factors that contribute to committing crimes.
      Classes are presented about the department’s expectations for inmates and ways they can use the programs and services provided as opportunities for change.
      While at Intake, inmates will have access to telephones and to letter-writing materials. They will not receive family visits, incoming phones calls, or messages from their families. They can receive mail. Inmates are encouraged to keep in touch with their families, including their children.
      After being assessed, the male inmates will go to the most appropriate Oregon correctional facility for their individual situation consistent with the Oregon Accountability Model. Inmates may not choose the facility to which they are sent for their incarceration.

      General Services

      The Assistant Superintendent of General Services is responsible for administrative oversight of physical plant operations, food services operations, the safety program, and inmate work programs. The person in this position is also the principal budget advisor for the facility and works closely with Fiscal Services regarding purchasing, property control, and warehouse operations.
      Physical Plant employees may include maintenance workers, electricians, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians, a plumber, a carpenter, an electronics security specialist, a custodial building coordinator, a boiler operator, a painter, and a landscaper.
      Food Services provides a nutritionally balanced and varied menu to inmates. It also provides religious and therapeutic diets to inmates as necessary.
      Safety manages and coordinates all aspects of a safe working environment, including coordination with state and federal regulatory agencies, as well as the review of all work sites and practices. They provide training to enhance a safe work place and manage injured workers´ claims.
      Inmate Work Programs assigns inmates to a wide variety of jobs at the facility, establishes work schedules, coordinates assignments to balance programs and work, establishes and coordinates off-site work crews with outside agencies, and coordinates the Performance Recognition and Awards System (PRAS).
      CCCF’s budget for the ’09 - '11 biennium is $68,848,100. This includes personal services dollars for about 450 full-time employees (FTE) and funds for utility bills, food, uniforms, and other necessities.

      Transitional Services

      Transitional Services:The following programs are provided to the female inmates at CCCF:
      For a full list of programs click here (pdf document)

      General Education (GED)
      Adult Basic Education (ABE)
      Destinations Computer Lab
      Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (select college courses)
      Work-Based Education
      Hair Design (medium only)
      Computer Technology
      Eye-Glass Recycling (minimum only)
      Work Programs
      Off-Site Work Crews (minimum only)
      Institution Work (kitchen, orderlies, custodial, maintenance, landscaping, etc.)
      Barista-Coffee Cart (minimum only)
      Cognitive-based Programs
      DMV Call Center (medium only)
      Printshop (medium only)
      Alcohol & Drug Treatment
      Group Treatment
      Turning Point (also cognitive, mental health, parenting and family & transition-based)
      STAFF (also cognitive, mental health, parenting and family & transition-based)
      Alcohol & Drug Education Workshops
      Many Roads One Journey (16 step program)
      Self-Help Programs (AA, NA)
      Mental Health
      Basic Mental Health Services
      Crisis management Program
      HIV/HEP C pre and Post Test Counseling
      Risk Reduction Classes (Smart State Packages0
      Parenting & Family Programs
      Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
      Early Head Start Program
      Family Literacy Program
      Prenatal Education & Doula Support System
      Boy Scouts Beyond Bars
      Even Start Literacy Program
      Creative Writing
      Meditation (religious services)
      Write Around Portland (WRAP)
      All the World's a Stage (theater group)
      Non-violent Communications
      CCCF Puppy Program
      Religious Service
      *Women's Christian Fellowship, Prison Fellowship, Jehovah's Witness, Women's Aglow, Latter Day Saints, 7th Day Adventists, Catholic Services, New Beginnings, Native American Sweats and Smudges, Freedom In The Son (FITS), Worship Services, Praise Chapel Services, Grace Community Assemblies of God Services, Christian Science, Shelter In the Storm, Living Enrichment Center, Buddhist Meditation, Powerhouse Temple Church of God in Christ, Oregon Women's Prison Ministry
      Transition Programs
      Life Skills (minimum only)

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