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    Thread: Airway Heights Corrections Center--AHCC Visiting Schedule & Information

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      Airway Heights Corrections Center--AHCC Visiting Schedule & Information


      Visiting Days Hours 12 to 3:30 Hours 5 to 8:30
      Friday Units K, L, R Units M, N, T
      Saturday Units M, N, T Units K, L, R
      Sunday Units K, L, R Units M, N, T
      Monday Units M, N, T Units K, L, R


      Visiting Days Hours 12 to 3:30 Hours 5 to 8:30
      Friday Units C4 & C5 Units C4 & C5
      Saturday Units C4 & C5 Units C4 & C5
      Sunday Units C4 & C5 Units C4 & C5
      Monday No Visitin Units C4 & C5

      Offenders may request arrangements for special situations such as friends or family traveling from extended distances.

      Visitors who leave during any visit period may be allowed to return during the next authorized visit period for the offender.

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      Visiting Rules

      Visitor Check-In
      • Visitors are welcome to arrive 30 minutes prior to visits but must remain in their vehicle until 15 minutes prior to the visiting session. This means visitors may arrive at 11:15am and 4:15pm. Visitors may enter the building to begin processing at 11:45 and 4:45.
      • Parking on Sprague Avenue is not allowed per local law enforcement.
      • Please inform staff in advance if you intend to share difficult news during your visit. Staff will attempt to make a suitable seating arrangement for your visit.

      • All visitors 16 years of age and older will be asked to show current photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military or government identification, tribal identification, alien registration, student identification). Expired or non-photo identification will not be accepted.


      Visitors will be required to sign a search permission form before visiting. Pat, vehicle, personal property, and/or canine searches may be conducted.

      You may bring the following items in a clear plastic coin purse or plastic bag:
      • Money – Zip keys are available for purchase at Public Access and C-2 lobby. Each visitor is allowed one (1) zip key. Zip keys cost $5.00 and will hold a maximum of $26.00.
      • Identification and locker key.
      • Medical – Visitors are allowed life sustaining medications or medical equipment that is needed during the visiting period, if the visitor provides proof of prescription of medically authorized need.
      • Small comb or brush.
      • All other items will be secured in lockers at Public Access and C-2 visitor intake areas.

      Items for Infants and Toddlers

      Infant and toddler items must be stored in a clear plastic bag or container.

      The following items are allowed:
      • Two clear plastic bottles containing water, juice, milk, or liquid formula.
      • One plastic Tupperware type child’s cup with lid.
      • Two unopened plastic containers of baby food in their original packaging with one plastic baby spoon.
      • Two bibs.
      • Two pacifiers or teething objects.
      • One non-quilted child’s blanket.
      • One change of baby clothing.
      • One disposable diaper per hour of visit.
      • Baby wipes that have been transferred to a zip lock plastic bag prior to visit.


      Appropriate, modest clothing should be worn by all visitors. Buttons or closures should be fastened to the degree necessary to maintain modesty. All clothing must be clean and in good repair, free of holes, rips, or tears. Undergarments must be worn, to include briefs and brassieres for females, and briefs, boxers, or long underwear for males. Examples of inappropriate clothing include:
      • Clothing that might expose undergarments, cleavage, stomach/midriff, bare back when arms are raised or bare chest.
      • Tight fitting clothing
      • Low cut tops or bottoms
      • Clothing that is sheer, see through, or mesh (other than hosiery)
      • Fish net stockings
      • Camisole type/halter or tank tops, not worn under other clothing
      • Camouflage, bibbed attire, cargo or painter pants, or any clothing that might be considered difficult to search (e.g., excessive pockets, padding, or layering of one outer garment over another)
      • Clothing referring to obscenity, alcohol, drugs, gang references, or sex in any form
      • Wraparound clothing with full length openings

      Dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, skorts, and slits in clothing must not fall more than 3 inches above the knee. Visitors may be prohibited from bringing hooded or heavy, parka style coats into the visit room. Such items may need to be secured in a locker in the lobby area.

      • Shoes, sandals, flip flops, and boots must be in good repair. Slippers and quilted or fur lined snow boots will not be allowed.

      Winter boot exception - Winter boots may have quilted or fur lining as long as the lining is not removable.


      • Jewelry that hides other items (e.g., broaches, lockets, pins) or jewelry that looks like a key is not allowed.
      • The following items are permitted:
      • Four pieces of jewelry in piercings (e.g., one nose, one lip, 2 ears, or the combination of 4 pieces of pierced jewelry).
      • One watch.
      • Wedding ring set and one ring.
      • Two necklaces.
      • Two bracelets.

      Two pairs of eyeglasses, to include one non-reflective pair of sunglasses for outside visits only.
      Belts may be worn, excluding money belts or belts with compartments.
      Religious and medically necessary head coverings may be allowed with written verification.

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