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    Thread: Bo Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center

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      Bo Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center

      Address and Phone Number

      377 Enterprise Way
      Trenton,New Jersey 08638

      Phone: (609) 695-7050 or 609-421-2041

      Director: Mark Salaga

      This Assessment and Treatment Center is designated for male and female inmates who are within 18 months of parole eligibility and who have been approved by the Institutional Classification Committee (I.C.C.) for community release programs. These inmates shall be assigned to Bo Robinson for approximately 30-60 days prior to placement in a halfway house or community treatment program. Inmates will undergo a risk/needs assessment in addition to orientation and treatment. The purpose of this assessment shall be to identify and quantify characteristics and behaviors that promote criminal lifestyles. Through this process "targeted need areas" are identified for which individual treatment interventions are then designed. Assessments are periodically re-administered to determine the inmate's response to treatment and reduction in risk indicators. While assigned to Bo Robinson inmates undergo intensive treatment 8 hours per day, including individual and group counseling. Inmates will not be eligible to participate in work release or furloughs and access to the community shall be restricted.


      Rules and regulations for visiting a resident are as follows:

      Those persons who wish to visit a resident during the authorized visit periods and whose names appear on his Visit List may register when proper identification (refer to Visit Identification) is provided along with the following information: Legal name, Address, Age, Relationship to you. Persons with criminal records who wish to visit a resident must receive permission to do so from the Director or his designee. However, an application for an ex – offender visit must be started by the resident, and may be reviewed by the Director or his designee.

      Persons registering for visits or making an application to be placed on a Resident’s Visit List must provide proper identification at the time of registration. Only the following forms of identification will be accepted:
      A valid driver’s license
      A current Welfare/Medical card
      A current school/college ID card
      A current federal, state or local government photo ID card

      Social Security Cards and/or birth certificates may Not be used for identification.

      Persons unable to produce proper acceptable identification, or whose identification is questionable, will not be allowed to visit or be placed on an Approved Visit List.

      The County Clerk’s Office in each county may provide a current photo ID for persons who require a valid identification for a small fee.

      Children under the age of eighteen (18) shall not be permitted to visit unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Visitor’s are permitted to register for a visit with only one resident at a time.

      All visits must be held only with the resident for whom the visitor has registered. No “swapping” of a visit with other resident’s visitors will be permitted. A visitor’s name must not appear on the ban list for the Tully House, Harbor House or Talbot Hall. All visitor’s are expected to behave in an acceptable manner at all times. All adult visitors are responsible for their own behavior, as well as the conduct of those minors in their charge. Persons wishing to visit who are or appear to be, under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or drugs or who are otherwise displaying unacceptable, odd or abnormal behavior will not be allowed to visit.

      Every possible effort shall be made to allow handicapped visitors to participate in the visit program. All reasonable care and precautions shall be taken to preserve and satisfy the security needs of the Bo Robinson Facility.

      Visitors may wear certain religious headgear during a visit (Kufi, Yarmulke).

      All visitors must be appropriately dressed. Shorts and T – shirts are not permitted to be worn by either male or female visitors fifteen (15) years of age or older.

      Male visitors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult visitor with proper current identification. Children under the age of fifteen (15) shall be permitted to wear shorts provided the child (children) is/are properly dressed in such a way that their appearance does not alarm and or offend other visitors, inmates and staff persons.

      Female visitors will be permitted to wear slacks, pants suits, shirts, culottes, dresses or dress suits. Shorts, mini-shirts, mini – dresses, see through blouses or other revealing items of clothing are prohibited. Dresses and shirts having full – length buttons or zipper front closures or which have slits at the front, back or sides which extend more that 2” above the knee are not permitted. If tights, leggings or other form fitting clothing is worn, these must be covered by an appropriate outer garment, as specified above.

      Female visitors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult visitor with proper current identification. Children under the age of fifteen (15) shall be permitted to wear shorts provided the child (children) is/are properly dressed in such a way that their appearance does not alarm and/or offend other visitors, residents and staff persons.

      Shift Supervisors may temporarily deny access to a visitor who is not properly dressed. In those cases when a visitor is denied access, the Supervisor will send a written report to the Director identifying the problem which caused the visitor to be denied access to the program.
      Visiting hours for this RCRP are as follows:

      Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. & 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

      Visit registration hours for this RCRP are as follows:
      1st visit: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
      2nd visit: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

      A maximum of (4) adults and an unlimited number of children of your immediate family are permitted to register visit.
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