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    Thread: Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution

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      Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution

      Mr. Robert Humphreys, Warden
      P.O. Box 31
      Plymouth, WI 53073-0031

      Physical Address (use for MapQuest directions)
      W9071 Forest Drive
      Glenbeulah, WI 53023

      Phone: (920) 526-3244
      Fax: (920) 526-3989


      to ensure public and staff safety, keep inmates in medium custody until such time as they are properly released or transferred; provide for the custodial needs of inmates; motivate inmates to learn and develop skills which will prepare them to adjust to the community; and to work cooperatively within the institution and with the Department and the public and to ensure that health care is provided to inmates and youths at the institution consistent with professional, community, and correctional health care standards.


      Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution is located adjacent to Kettle Moraine State Forest in Sheboygan County approximately 10 miles west of the city of Plymouth, and 17 miles southeast of Fond du Lac. The facility was opened in 1962 as a Boys School with a rated capacity of 287. Over the years, the Kettle Moraine Boys School has gradually transformed into the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution to reflect the growth and change in our Department.

      The transformation to an adult institution has included new buildings, a double 12-foot high fence, seven armed towers and many technological enhancements to insure the safety and security of the public, staff and inmates. Kettle Moraine has a dedicated staff that has always provided fresh, innovative ideas to the Department. In September 2001, Kettle Moraine hosted the first inmate job fair to take place inside a Wisconsin correctional institution.

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      Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution - Mailing Information


      KMCI Inmate Mail
      Inmate Name, and Number
      P.O. Box 282
      Plymouth, WI 53073-0282

      *NOTE: Correspondence with money received at P.O. Box 282 will have entire contents returned to sender at inmate’s expense


      KMCI Business Office / Inmate Accounts
      P.O. Box 444
      Plymouth, WI 53073-0444

      * NOTE: Mail received at P.O. Box 444 with anything other than money orders or cashier checks will have entire contents returned to sender at inmate's expense.

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      Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution - Visiting Information

      Phone: (920) 526-3244
      Fax: (920) 526-9339

      Physical Address (use for MapQuest directions)
      W9071 Forest Drive
      Glenbeulah, WI 53023

      Mailing Address
      PO Box 31
      Plymouth, WI 53073-0031


      The following guidelines are established to provide information to persons intending to enter the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution (KMCI). Please read these guidelines carefully.



      Weekdays: 3:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Limited to 3 hours in length)
      Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 8:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. (Limited to 2 hours in length)

      NOTE: General Population Inmates are allowed a total of 3 visits per week. The scheduled visit week begins Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. Please verify with the offender prior to visitation if he has met his limit so that you will lessen your chance for denial. From the 3 visits allowed per week, there is a limit of one visit per day and only one visit per weekend.


      Wisconsin State Statute 302.095 (2) (Delivering Articles to Inmate) prohibits delivery of any article to an inmate of a State Correctional Institution or depositing or concealing an article within the State Correctional Institution or its boundaries or receiving an article to convey out of the institution that is contrary to the rules and regulations and without the knowledge or permission of the Warden. Any person found in violation of this law is subject to imprisonment of not more than three years or a fine not exceeding $500.00.
      In addition, Wisconsin State Statute 961.465 (Distribution to Prisoners) states ”… any person who violates S.961.41 (1 or (1m) by delivering or possessing with intent to deliver a controlled substance to a prisoner within the precincts of any prison, jail, or house of correction, is subject to the applicable fine under State Statute 961.41 (1) or (1m) or imprisonment of up to twice that authorized by S.961.41 (1) or (1m) or both.”
      The institution will actively investigate and prosecute any individuals bringing drugs into this prison. KMCI is committed to maintaining a drug-free institution. This facility will take whatever actions are deemed necessary to prohibit the entrance of drugs and other contraband. Prosecution of individuals violating the above State Statute will be pursued.



      ♦ Park in the upper parking lot in lined spaces only.
      ♦ Minor children are not to be left unattended in a vehicle. Law enforcement will be summoned.
      ♦ No weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are allowed on state property.
      ♦ Remove your keys and lock your vehicle.
      ♦ Pets are not permitted on state property.
      ♦ Move directly to and from vehicles when entering and leaving the institution.
      ♦ Anyone that is denied entrance to visitation, but is waiting for visitors that are approved, must park in the "designated" areas in the upper parking lot. No loitering in the parking lot area. No loud car radios/boom boxes. No picnic/tailgate parties. No horseplay.
      ♦ Verbal communication, waving, sounding, and/or blinking headlights to signal inmates is prohibited.
      ♦ Disabled/stalled vehicles must be reported to Gatehouse Officer and be attended to and/or removed as soon as possible. Vehicles left on state property for over 48 hours will be towed at the owner's expense.


      Upon your arrival at the KMCI Visit Shelter/Gatehouse, you must fill out a Request to Visit Offender form. You will not be permitted to stay or loiter in the Gatehouse unless you are waiting to enter the institution. Secured lockers (no charge) are provided in the Gatehouse for items that are not allowed into the institution. You will retain the key to the locker. Your hand will be stamped. You will be required to show this stamp on your hand upon exit from the institution. Individuals are to conduct themselves in an appropriate and courteous manner and comply with rules and instructions.


      Individuals age 16 and over will be required to provide current picture identification. Acceptable forms of ID include: valid State driver’s license; valid passport or visa; valid Department of Transportation ID; valid military ID; or valid tribal ID (if it provides photo). Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is on the approved visiting list, and visiting the same inmate, unless the visitor is the spouse of the inmate.


      All persons, with the exception of Department of Corrections employees and Law Enforcement Officers, must pass through and clear the metal detector. In order to expedite the entrance process, visitors should avoid wearing clothing with metal attached (e.g., buckles, snaps, metal buttons, etc.). It is also recommended that visitors refrain from wearing excessive jewelry. The metal detector is also sensitive to metal contained in undergarments. Visitors with pacemakers or other medical implants, which will affect the metal detector, must mail verification from a doctor to the KMCI Security Director at least one week prior to their initial visit to allow time for entrance approval to be available at the Gatehouse. It is the visitors’ responsibility to clear the metal detector. You will be given three attempts to successfully pass the metal detector; staff must deny admission to those individuals who are not able to do so.


      It is the visitors’ responsibility to inform the institution of a disability requiring special accommodations. This includes accommodation requests necessary to enter the institution and for the duration of the visit. Individuals should request these accommodations at least 24 hours in advance by calling the Security Office at (920) 526-3244.


      Only the following items may be brought in for your use while visiting:

      • comb
      • pick, or brush
      • limited to one for each visitor
      • up to two (2) baby blankets for each child
      • up to four (4) diapers for each child (diaper bags are not allowed)
      • up to two (2) plastic baby bottles for each child
      • one (1) hand-held baby seat for each child
      • diaper wipes (must be kept in a clear plastic bag)
      • one (1) pacifier for each child
      • one (1) coat
      • one (1) pair of gloves for each visitor
      • headwear (provided it does not conceal identity)
      • one (1) institution locker key
      • and necessary personal medication such as, but not limited to, inhalers, nitro pills (only individual pills, not bottles), Epi pens, etc. (visitor must notify gatehouse officer and visiting room officer).

      There is a $15.00 (fifteen dollars) maximum amount of money allowed to be brought in for use on the visit (loose change, singles, or five-dollar bills) per adult/16 years or older. Visitors may bring in a single check to purchase a hobby item; this will be noted on the visiting slip. Money for inmates is not accepted on visits. Money orders or bank (cashier’s) checks must be mailed in for inmates. Personal checks or cash will not be accepted.


      The inmate visitors’ dress code listed below has been developed to ensure a safe and secure institution-visiting area that is appropriate, tasteful, and conducive to a wholesome family atmosphere.

      The following apparel is considered inappropriate and will result in the denial of entry in the institution.

      ♦ Transparent/translucent clothing.

      ♦ Shorts which are shorter than fingertip length (i.e., visitor standing naturally with arms straight down the side of the body and fingers extended).

      ♦ Skirts or dresses shorter than fingertip length plus three inches (should a reasonable doubt exist, a ruler will be provided to the visitor to enable the visitor to demonstrate compliance).

      ♦ Strapless, tube, and halter tops/dresses.

      ♦ Tops which expose the midriff.

      ♦ Spandex or Spandex-like and Lycra or Lycra-like athletic pants, aerobic/exercise tights or leotards.

      ♦ Exposed underwear or underwear worn on the outside.

      ♦ Clothing with revealing holes, tears, or slits.

      ♦ Clothing or accessories with obscene or profane writing, images or pictures.
      Individuals wearing gang or club related clothing or insignia will be denied entrance into the institution. This includes, but is not limited to, motorcycle jackets bearing club logos, headwear, and footwear.

      These restrictions apply equally to men and women.

      Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in denial of entrance, or removal from the Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution.

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