Visitor Dress Code

This dress code applies equally to females and males over five (5) years old.

Visitors wearing the following items/types of clothing will not be allowed into the facility:
  • Most headgear (females are only allowed one headscarf and males are only allowed a simple stocking cap).
  • Spandex, form fitting, or excessively baggy tops/shirts or bottoms/pants.
  • Shorts, capri pants, or culottes.
  • Transparent tops, skirts, or pants.
  • Clothing without the proper undergarments (bra, slip, and underwear). Female visitors must wear a bra at all times (sport, regular or strapless). Bras with metal underwires are not allowed in.
  • Any top or dress showing excessive cleavage.
  • Dresses or skirts
    • Without a slip underneath
    • Without a hem lower than the knee
    • With slits extending above the knee
    • With button-up or snap-up front, back, or wrsp around (these dresses may be worn only if sewn shut).
  • Shawls or ponchos
  • Vests (down-filled type)
  • Any shirt or top that is less than three (3) inches below the belt line (so that skin is revealed when the arms are raised).
  • Neck scarves.
  • Camoflage clothing
  • All tops or blouses must have sleeves, must be worn with a bra, and must not be excessively low cut.
  • Tank tops are not allowed as an outer garment.
  • Hooded garments.
  • Bib overalls.
  • Wind pants.
In addition, visitors must be dressed in a manner that will not distract, disturb, or be offensive to other visitors, inmates, or staff in the visitingareas. The Visiting or Lobby Officer will make decisions in this matter. If the visitor disputes the decision of the Visiting or Lobby Officer, it will be referred to the Shift Commander. If the Shift Commander determines that the clothing isn't appropriate, the visitor will be asked to leave. The visitor will not be allowed a wrap to cover the problem in question and proceed with the visit. He or she must leave.