Inmate Accounting

Inmates are not permitted to have money in their possession while they are incarcerated. In order to allow inmates to purchase items they need or want, money is held in an inmate account, which is opened for them upon entry into the institution. Jobs and gifts from family and friends are the main sources for these funds. Inmates use funds from their accounts to buy items from the commissary, pay bills or send funds out.

There are also costs incurred inside of the institution that are deducted from an inmate's accounts, such as medical copayments for health-care requests, doctor or dental visits, prescriptions, glasses, dentures, fines and child support. Monies coming in from the outside may be used for any of these deductions. An exception to this is child support, which is deducted from any wages earned while working in the institution. The remaining funds are available for the inmates to spend.

To send money:
Visit, or call 1-866-345-1884. You will need the inmate's name and a valid credit card.
Frequently Asked Questions

What may an inmate purchase?
Inmates are allowed to purchase commissary items once a week. The commissary offers a wide variety of items of food, hygene, clothing and stamped envelopes and writing paper. The amount inmates are allowed to spend and the items they can purchase are all related to the unit where they are housed and the privilege level system. Inmates must have funds in their accounts in order to purchase commissary items.

Will the inmate receive all of the money?
Inmate accounts are subject to certain deductions. If inmates do not have sufficient funds in their accounts when submitting a medical slip, receiving a doctor/PN/dental visit, receiving a prescription, or if inmates have outstanding institutional fines or restitution, 60% of incoming funds are subject to deductions for these fees.

What about medical expenses?
Medical co-pays are posted to inmate accounts weekly. If there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the co-pay cost, funds will be deducted. If there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the co-pay, a deduction will automatically be placed on the inmate's account which will take 60% of incoming funds. Inmates are not denied medical services because of an inability to pay.

What is the DNA testing charge?
Every inmate is charged $100 for DNA testing. This is mandated by state law and may be collected by Inmate Accounting. If an inmate has submitted a DNA sample, $100 will be deducted from the account. If there are insufficient funds in the account when the deduction is posted, 60% of incoming funds will be deducted to pay for the sample.

Will you tell me that my money has been received?
There is only certain account information that Inmate Accounting will give. We will tell you if a money order/cashier's check has been received and put on the account as long as you know the sender's name and the amount of the money order/cashier's check.
We will not provide you with information regarding an inmate's account balance. We will not tell you how much an inmate owes on deductions that may be on the account, and we will not tell you who may also be placing funds in the inmate's account or if the inmate is sending out any funds.