Global Tel*Link
For GTL general billing questions and/or concerns,
as well as for billing disputes for Connecticut customers,
please call:
Notice- Some calls placed through Global Tel Link and under AdvancePay, may
display a number on your caller ID, other than that of the correctional institution,
or the number you have been used to in the past.
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“AdvancePay” is now available on telephone calls placed from all Connecticut
Correctional Facilities. Family and friends who choose to use this pre-pay option,
will receive a 25% savings on traditional collect call rates for this service. The
service area includes all of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands,
and international calls to over 150 countries and territories as well.

You may start an “AdvancePay” account with as little as $5.00, and continue to
deposit funds in increments of $5.00, with no maximum. Account balances may be
checked at the beginning of each call. When the account is closed, funds are
returned upon request. Accounts that are inactive for 90 days are automatically

If insufficient funds are in the account to place the call, billing will revert to the
traditional collect call rate. If more than 1 minute of call time remains in the
AdvancePay account, the call will be placed at the discounted rate, however, the
call will be disconnected when funds are depleted.

To start an “AdvancePay” account, you can prepay by depositing money into your
account in three ways:

1. For deposits by a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), please
contact Global Tel*Link at the following toll-free number:

2. For deposits by check or money order, make payable to:
Global Tel*Link, and mail to:
Global Tel*Link, Dept. 2012, Denver, CO 80291-2012.
*Be sure to write your phone number on the check or money order for
prompt service, otherwise, your pre-payment may be delayed.

3. For payment by Western Union, visit:, click on the
“Find Agent Location” at the top of the screen and follow the instructions, or
call: 1-800-325-6000 and press 2.

*Please note: Western Union charges a transaction fee for using their services,
which is dependent on the country the payment originates from.

All inmate calls, whether placed on the AdvancePay Program, or at the traditional
collect call rate, will remain subject to the standards and regulations of the
Connecticut Dept of Correction. This includes but is not limited to: recording and
monitoring of inmate calls, as well as limiting the number of calls an inmate can
make each day, and the duration of each call.