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SCI Fayette

50 Overlook Drive LaBelle, Pennsylvania 15450-1050

Telephone: (724) 364-2200

FAX: 724-364-2208

SCI Fayette is the Commonwealth's 26th correctional facility. Using the most recent advances in prison design and construction, this 2,000-bed prison is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in Pennsylvania's state correctional system.

Opened in September 2003, SCI Fayette holds 53 acres inside the perimiter's fence, and 692,000 square footage under the roof. SCI Fayette is committed to ensuring the public's safety and the safe and humane incarceration of offenders. This is a maximum-security facility for adult males.

07-25-2011, 11:21 AM
Superintendent: Brian V. Coleman

Deputy Superintendent for Centralized Services: Eric T. Armel

Deputy Superintendent for Facilities Management: Steven M. Gates

Business Manager: Harry Hawk

Superintendent's Assistant: Rhonda House

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Visiting Information






8:15 AM to 3:30 PM


8:15 AM to 3:30 PM


8:15 AM to 3:30 PM


8:15 AM to 3:30 PM


All visitors, minors as well as adults, must be on the approved visiting list. It is recommended that you arrive as early in the visiting hours as possible so that proper arrangements can be made in time for your visit.

You must have proper identification to be allowed a visit. Acceptable identification is defined as a driver's license. Other photo ID, or two forms of acceptable non-photo ID. You will not be permitted to visit without proper identification.

All minors under 18 years of age must have the appropriate visitors form DC 313 or DC 313A signed by both the parent or legal guardian of the child and the inmate's counselor or unit manager before the minor will be placed on the inmate's list. Incarcerated parents are not permitted to sign these forms.

All visitors, including minors, are subject to search before, during and after visiting. A metal detector and/or a drug detection device may be used for this purpose. If you refuse to comply with facility search procedures you will not be permitted any further visits until authorization is received from the Facility Manager.

Cameras, tape recorders, chewing gum, tobacco products, portable wireless devices, coats, and handbags, are not permitted in the visiting room.

Visits are a minimum of one hour in length; however, this may be increased depending upon the number of visits scheduled for that day. We strive to porovide a pleasant and appropriate atmosphere for everyone.

Good judgment and discretion in dress and behavior are expected. Visitors shall not wear a bathing suit, extremely short skirt, dress, shorts, halter-tops, or clothing made of see-through materials. Inmates and visitors who become disruptive, use abusive or obscene language, or engage in sexual behavior will have their visit terminated and may be placed on visiting privilege restriction. The inmate and visitor may embrace only when meeting and departing.

Do not bring gifts of any kind. A money order or certified check will be accepted by mail. Food and soft drinks may be purchased from vending machines and consumed in the visiting area. Inmates and visitors are not permitted to take anything from the visiting area except photos taken during the visit.

Special visits can be pre-arranged for persons who are not on an approved list or who have traveled a substantial distance and for a family visit for a seriously ill or injured inmate. Special visits must be arranged by the inmate and approved by the Facility Manager or designee.

Any visitor appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance will not be permitted to enter the institution.

Minors must be supervised by an adult and kept under control. Failure to respect the rights of others may result in the early termination of a visit.

Former inmates of any correctional system, victims, ex-offenders, current inmates in pre-release status, former or present DOC employees, volunteers, and contract employees must first receive approval to visit from the Facility Manager.

Any inmate who, as an adult or as a young adult offender, was ever convicted or adjudicated for a physical or sexual offense against a minor is prohibited from having a contact visit with any minor child. The Facility Manager may grant contact visits for inmates meeting these criteria for special circumstances.

Inmates in administrative or disciplinary custody have restricted visiting privileges.

Visitors may bring up to three plastic bottles of formula or white milk, unopened jars of baby food, three loose diapers, and factory sealed baby wipes. These items must be and carried or in a clear plastic bag only. All items are subject to search and all vacuum-sealed containers will be opened.

Any violation of visiting regulations may result in the suspension of visiting privileges.

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From Pittsburgh and Erie: (This is the long way.)
Route 79 South to Route 70 East. Follow Route 43 South (California Exit – Toll Road). Follow to Route 40 East to Brownsville. Go across “Lane Bane Bridge” to the first exit. Follow the directions below thru Brownsville.

From Pittsburgh and Erie: (This is about 10 miles shorter.)
Route 79 South to Route 519 South (Houston Exit). Follow to Route 40 East. Turn left at the red flashing light. Follow thru Scenery Hill to Beallsville to Brownsville (you’re still on Route 40 East). Go across “Lane Bane Bridge” to the first exit. Follow directions below thru Brownsville.

From Harrisburg and Philadelphia:
PA Turnpike West to the New Stanton Exit. Follow signs to Route 70 West. Follow to Route 43 South (California Exit – Toll Road). Follow to Route 40 East to Brownsville. Go across the “Lane Bane Bridge”. Follow directions below thru Brownsville.

Directions from Brownsville to SCI Fayette:
After you cross the Bridge, take the first exit to the Right, which winds down to a Stop Sign. Make a Left and continue thru downtown Brownsville thru 1 light. Make a Right hand turn before “National City Bank” and an immediate Left onto “Water Street”. Follow to the end and make a quick Left then up the block and an immediate Right onto “Alicia Road”. Follow approximately 7 miles. DO NOT make any turns.
At the first “Y” (Maxwell Dam) keep Left. You will go thru the small town of LaBelle past the Post Office on the Right and the Fire Hall on the Left. At the second “Y” keep Left. Go approximately 1 mile.
You can see the Prison Lights to your Right at the top of the hill. The Institution Entrance is on the Right. Follow the institution road bearing Right until you get to the Visitor’s Parking Lot in front of the main entrance of the Administration Building.