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Prison Researcher
04-30-2011, 05:01 PM
Inmate Accounts
The Department of Corrections encourages you to put money on inmate accounts electronically:
On MAY 1, 2010, the PA Department of Corrections began using JPAY.com for the sending of funds electronically to inmates as well as ALL incoming email.


On SEPTEMBER 1, 2010, the PA Department of Corrections began using
JPAY for the processing of ALL MONEY ORDERS sent to PA DOC inmates.

FOR THE FASTEST WAY TO TRANSFER MONEY, VISIT http://www.JPay.com (http://www.JPay.com)

The DOC has signed a contract with JPAY to provide a lock box service for ALL money orders sent to PA DOC inmates. This is being provided at NO COST to the inmate or sender. This service will allow the funds to be posted to inmate accounts electronically and result in quicker access to the deposited funds.

Money orders no longer will be accepted at individual institutions.

For Frequently Asked Questions concerning the JPAY Lockbox, click HERE (http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/document/915866/jpay_faq_pdf)

(For Spanish version, click HERE (http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/document/915865/jpay_faq_spanish_pdf))

Money orders are to be made payable to JPAY

Money order deposit slip MUST BE included with the money order in order to process funds and to avoid delay


1. JPAY will accept ALL money orders. For US Postal Service money orders, funds will be processed within 48 business hours upon RECEIPT by JPAY. For all other types of money orders, they will process within 48 hours of clearance, which may include additional processing time (up to 5 business days additional). As soon as the money orders clear, funds will be processed for posting to inmate accounts. Funds will be automatically deposited into inmate accounts each business day.

2. A Deposit Slip MUST be filled out and submitted with EVERY money order. Slips are available at http://www.jpay.com/moneyorder/ (http://www.jpay.com/moneyorder/), visiting rooms and the DOC web page, www.cor.state.pa.us (http://www.cor.state.pa.us/).

CLICK HERE FOR THE DEPOSIT SLIP (http://www.jpay.com/moneyorder/)

3. ALL money order deposit slips MUST have the following information CLEARLY TYPED in order for the funds to be posted to the inmate account: (Handwritten forms are subject to delay)

a.CORRECT inmate ID #
b.Inmate name
c.Senderís name and address

(Notice: If it cannot be determined who the money order belongs to, JPay will hold funds until they can be verified. For full Terms and Conditions of held funds please visit www.jpay.com (http://www.jpay.com) for full disclosure.)

4. DO NOT include personal items when sending money orders. The lock box is for money orders ONLY. Any personal items will be discarded.