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Prison Researcher
04-24-2011, 01:29 PM
Hernando Correctional Institution
County: Hernando

16415 Spring Hill Drive
Brooksville, Florida

(352) 754-6715
FAX: (352) 797-5794


Mary Holcomb

Chaplain's Office
(352) 754-6715

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Historical Information: This facility was established in the early 1950's as Brooksville Road Prison, housing close custody adult male inmates. In 1984 it was designated to house minimum and medium custody inmates. Today Hernando C.I. houses female inmates.

Facility Profile Information:

Type of Housing Units:
Open Bay Housing Units 4
Cell Housing Units 0
Room Housing Units 0
Maximum Capacity 431

Other Information:
Population Gender Female
Adult or Youthful Adult, Youthful (19-24)
Facility Level 2
Self Contained Housing Units No
Designated Confinement Space Yes
Custody Grades Medium, Minimum, Community
Medical Grades 1 through 3
Psychological Grades 1 through 3
Wheelchair Capabilities No
Hearing Impaired Capabilities No


Extended Day Program:

In response to Chapter 958, Florida Statutes, mandating that those inmates who are youthful offenders be provided enhanced program services, the Extended Day Program was developed. This is a 16-hour daytime program provided at all youthful offender institutions that is designed to provide at least 12 hours of activities. The program is structured to include work assignments, education, including vocational and academic programs, counseling, behavior modification, military style drills, systematic discipline and other programmatic opportunities aimed at reducing inmate idleness and enhancing the young inmate's chance at becoming a law abiding citizen upon re-entry into the community.

Academic Programs:
Adult Basic Education
General Educational Development (GED)
Special Education Services
Title I Services

Vocational Programs:
Digital Design
Web Page Design (Specter Grant program operated by Pasco-Hernando CC)

Substance Abuse Programs:
Modality I

Chaplaincy Services:
Chapel Library Program
Chapel Music Program
Holy Day Observation Program
Personal Growth Programs
Religious Education
Religious Volunteers
Special Events
Spiritual Advisor Visit Program
Worship Services

Institutional Betterment Programs:
100-hour Transition Program
Creative Poetry Expression
Extended Day Program for Youthful Offenders
Law Library Program
Library Program
Quilters for Christ
Sexual Integrity - Steps to Sexual Health (Faith-Based)
Shame Free Parenting (Faith-Based)
Women Helping Women

Community Work Squads:
Dept. of Transportation No
Public Work Squads Yes
Interagency Community
Service Work Squads Yes
Contracted Work Squads Yes