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04-21-2011, 02:56 AM
This is an Out of State Facility holding Hawaii Inmates.

Red Rock Correctional Center (RRCC)

1750 East Arica Road

Eloy, Arizona 85153

Main Phone : (520) 464-3800
Fax: (520) 464-3899

Prison Researcher
08-31-2011, 01:41 PM
Visitation Rules:

Visitation Rules Revised 6/23/09
In order to maintain compliance with CCA Policies 16-2 Visitation & 9-20 Entry/Exit Procedures the following procedures are to be adhered to:

Searches & Inspections:

Visitors shall park & lock their vehicles in the parking lot; handicapped parking is available.
Minor children or animals will not be left unattended in vehicles.
Any person coming onto the property shall be subject to inspection as necessary to ensure facility security, including prevention of the introduction of contraband. Inspections may include a search of the visitor's person, personal property & vehicle when there is reasonable suspicion to believe the visitor is attempting to introduce or remove contraband into or out of the facility.
Visitors who exhibit any indication of the use of alcohol, narcotics, or intoxicants shall not be permitted.
All individuals must clear a metal detector prior to entering the facility.
All items brought into the facility will be searched utilizing x-ray equipment or manual search procedures. Manual searches will include physically manipulating the item.
In attempting to clear the metal detector, all items should be removed from pockets. In addition, items on the person that may activate the metal detector (i.e. jewelry, belt buckles, etc) should be removed & placed in the provided container for inspection.
Shoes will be removed prior to entering the metal detector & the shoes will be x-rayed.
Any individual who cannot clear the metal detector shall be pat searched to determine the reason for failure. If there is no clear explanation for the inability to clear the metal detector, access in to the facility will be denied. Canines may be utilized in searches.
No physical force or threat of any physical force shall be used in connection with any search.
A visitor who refuses to be searched shall be denied visiting for that day.

Processing of Approved Visitors:

All adult visitors shall present picture identification before being permitted to visit. For each minor, a certified record of birth shall be presented.
Visitors must provide a valid state or US government issued picture ID (i.e. Passport, Military ID, State Driver's License, State Issued ID or Green Card with Photo) If identification is present that does not bear a photograph entrance to the facility will be denied.
A visitor badge will be issued & must be visibly displayed while on facility grounds.

Allowable & Non-Allowable Items:


Prescription drugs must be in a clear labeled bottle with the visitors name on the label. Visitors can only bring in the amount of current prescribed medication(s) necessary for the time spent at the facility. The visitation officer will secure the medications(s) for the visitor.
Three (3) diapers, baby wipes in a clear plastic bag, formula in a clear container, three (3) clear plastic bottles & one (1) pacifier. All diaper changes must be conducted in the presence of an officer.


Cellular phones, pagers &/or any other electronic devices.
Purses, carry cases, & such.

Standards of Dress for Visitors (Adults & Minors):

Visitors are expected to dress appropriately & maintain a standard of conduct during visiting that is not offensive to others. Consistent with the goal of making visiting a safe, positive, constructive time for families & staff, the following standards shall apply:

Appropriate attire includes undergarments; a dress or blouse/shirt with skirt, pants, or shorts; & shoes or sandals.

Prohibited attire consists of:

Hats, raincoats, or jackets.

Clothing that resembles inmate clothing (red pants & red shirt; yellow pants & yellow shirt; blue pants & blue shirt; khaki pants & khaki shirt);

Clothing or garments that:

Expose the breast/chest area, genitals or buttocks:

By design, the manner worn, or due to the absence of, excessively allows the anatomical detail of body parts or midriff to be clearly viewed;

Are sheer, transparent or excessively tight;

Expose more than two (2) inches above the knee, including when standing;

Undergarments shall be worn beneath translucent clothing under all circumstances;

Clothing or accessories displaying obscene or offensive language, drawing, or objects.

Vending Machines:

Vending machines operate with the use of a vending card only. Cards may be purchased in the front lobby. No cash will be allowed to be taken into the visitation area.
All items purchases from the vending machines must be consumed or disposed of in the visitation area.
Inmates are prohibited from handling the vending card; therefore, inmates are not permitted to approach and/or operate vending machines.
No sharing of items from the vending machines.

General Visiting Guidelines:

Visitors shall comply with all laws, regulations & facility procedures. Any violation may result in denial, termination, suspension, restriction, or revocation, of visiting.
Accompanying adults shall ensure that minors remain under their constant control & supervision.
Visiting is permitted only in designated areas & at designated times.
No limitations shall be placed on the number of visitors approved to visit an inmate. However, limitations on the length & frequency of visits maybe imposed to avoid overcrowding.
An inmate shall not be permitted a contact visit with more than five (5) persons, including minors, at the same time.
Visiting with more than one inmate at the same time, shall require that both inmates are immediate family members or have prior approval from the Chief of Security or above.
Inmates assigned in special housing status will receive non-contact visits as dictated by visiting schedule, unless he has been determined by the Chief of Security or above to be a threat to the safety & security of the facility.

All non-contact visits will take place in the non-contact visiting area. Inmates & visitors will be separated by glass windows & communication will be conducted by telephone only.

Inmates & their visitors may hold hands on top of the table with hands in plain view of the visitation officer. Touching of legs or any other contact will not be permitted during the visit.

At the beginning & end of each visit, inmates & their visitors may briefly embrace &/or kiss.

An inmate may hold his minor children on one leg.

Restrooms are located inside the visitation area, one available for visitors & one for inmates.

Visitors & inmates shall remain in assigned seating & are not permitted to move to another table without prior approval of the visitation officer.

Visitors &/or inmates shall not visit or become involved in any visits other than their own. (Unless approved by the Chief of Security or above)

Once in their assigned seating, inmates will not be allowed to leave their seat without approval from the visitation officer.

Photographs may be taken & purchased with a ticket from the commissary. Hugging will be allowed during the taking of the photograph only.