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04-20-2011, 08:22 PM
South Woods State Prison (SWSP)
215 South Burlington Road
Bridgeton,NJ 08302

When SWSP opened in the spring of 1997, it became the Department of Corrections' newest and largest facility. South Woods provides offenders with a substance abuse treatment program, regional medical clinics, an extended care unit, a dialysis unit and a regional food service that provides thousands of meals per day to institutions throughout the state. The Bureau of State Use Industries/DEPTCOR operates footwear, clothing, printing/graphics, signs and decals/binders shops at the facility.


Rules and Regulations for Visiting at SWSP (http://www.state.nj.us/corrections/pdf/cia_visitation/SWSP.pdf)

Visiting Schedule

Facilities 1, 2, 3, and ECU--
Visits are available on Saturday and Sunday according the the facility schedule. The first session is the AM visit session. The second session is the PM visit session. Each offender is permitted to receive one (1) visit on Saturday and one (1) visit on Sunday, if approved for contact visits. The Saturday and Sunday visit sessions will alternate between AM and PM visit sessions weekly based on the offender's housing unit The offender is responsible for informing the visitor of his permitted visit session on Saturday and Sunday and the schedule is available to him on his housing unit. (You can also see it at the above link)

Saturday & Sunday:

AM Session Reg. 8am to 9:30am Visits 8:30am to 10:30am
PM Session Reg. 11:30am to 1pm Visits 1pm to 3pm

Afternoon visits are from 1-3 with registration beginning at 11:30.

You are not permitted into the building until 11:30 (for the afternoon visit). You must line up outside. Rain or Shine. Once you are admitted to the building. Go inside, and to the left there is a table with small forms on it. Fill this out (I would suggest bringing your own pen...It will be quicker) Grab the form and hop on line to fill it out ( I would suggest going to the line closest to the door...she is the fastest.) On the form you will need the inmates name and number, your name and address, and if there are any children visiting. Once you get on line you must wait for them to open the window. Once the window opens registration has officially begun. Make sure they stamp your hand and give you your slip. This slip will inform you of which visiting room you are in.

After you get your slip. Get on line for the metal detectors. Once you are on the line you may ask someone to hold your spot so you can go to the bathroom, or put your belongings in a locker. You want to get a spot BEFORE you do all this so not everyone gets in front of you.

Lockers are a quarter. EVERYTHING goes into the locker. You are ONLY allowed to bring in your tokens for the vending machines. Keys..IDs...EVERYTHING goes in the locker.

Vending machines only contain bottled water. NJ facilities took out the snack machines about 2 years or so ago.

When it is time for the metal detectors..make sure ALL of your jewelry is off. Belts too! If you are wearing boots or sneakers chances are you will HAVE to take them off.

Minimum Unit--
Visits are available on Saturday and Sunday. Offenders housed in the Minimum Unite are permitted two (2) visits on Saturday and two (2) visits on Sunday

Saturday & Sunday

AM Session Reg. 8am to 10AM Visits 8:30am to 10:30am
PM Session Reg. 12pm to 2pm Visits 12:30pm to 3pm

Important Info Reguarding Dress Code: Dress code is EXTREMELY strict here. Your shirt MUST be loose fitting and cover your butt. You will not be let in otherwise. The CO who is at the metal detector will show no mercy, and has no problem turning you away. Most of the regulars wear BIG Tshirts. I'm not exaggerating. Also, no little jacks..no sweaters with a lot of snaps on them. No khaki, no bright orange. No sandals with a piece between your toes. If you DO wear sandals they need to be secured to your foot. (No flip flops)

Once you pass the metal detector you have to get patted down.

Then you hand the CO at the desk your pass and show him your stamp. Go through a door...wait for them to let you in..and then walk down a little hallway to the visit hall.

Check your slip to make sure you are going to the right visit hall. Once you go in. Give the CO your slip, show him your stamp. He'll give you a number...remember it and take a seat.

If you are the ONLY one visiting you MUST sit in the area with just two seats (across from eachother) This is usually the area right infront of the CO table.

You may kiss at the beginning and end of each visit. No excessive amounts of affection, and you must keep your chair two tiles apart.

Visit ends promptly at 3pm, and the inmates are directed to other end of the room. The CO will begin to call out numbers (1-10 will be first) this correlates with the number he originally gave you and that will tell you when to get up and leave.

Get the pass from your CO and head back the same way you came. :)