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04-14-2011, 11:00 AM
611 Frontage Road
McFarland, California 93250
United States
Phone: 661-792-2731
Fax: 661-792-6131
Contract With:
State of California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
Contract Award:
08/20/96 (10 year contract with negotiations every 2 years for contract language and finances).
Type And Design:
Medium Security - Dormitory
550 males (sentenced). Increased to 625 in July 2006.
Received Prisoners:
Operator - 10 Year Contract
Not desired by client
The GEO Group, Inc. accepts technical parole violators and offers educational, vocational and counseling opportunities that include pre-release and life/social skills development programs.

The 114,450 sq. ft., one-story masonry building was financed, designed and built by The GEO Group, Inc. on 20 acres of land. It has the capacity to house 550 male parole violators. It has a well-equipped health care unit and rooms for classroom instruction, counseling, and visitation. Educational areas include a computer laboratory, a library, and indoor and outdoor recreational areas. A fully equipped kitchen provides meal service for all inmates and staff. The facility is well furnished and dayrooms and dormitory sleeping areas are clean and comfortable.

04-14-2011, 11:07 AM
The mailing address for inmate mail:
Inmates full name, CDC#
Housing assignment (ex. A1-42)
Golden State MCCF
PO Box 1588
McFarland CA 93250

Phone Company
Evercom Correctional Billing Services
https://www.correctionalbillingservi...m/default.aspx (https://www.correctionalbillingservices.com/default.aspx)
phone: 800-844-6591

Inmates must order books through GEO corp, only books offered by GEO are allowed. They do this themselves at the facility, no sending books through Amazon or Barnesandnoble...The inmate pays for the books with money in their trust account.

The facility does not use Jpay. A cashiers check or money order must be sent to the facility with the inmates name and CDC # on the check. They take the standard percentage for restitution (about 50%) and the remainder is available to the inmate.

Inmates can go to canteen once every two weeks. GSMCCF sells items that are provided by access securepak (quarterly package company, website: http://www.californiaqp.com (http://www.californiaqp.com/) ). They can buy soft drinks, cosmetics, basic food etc. From what i hear, prices are high.

General Conditions
The facility is small, so the dorms hold around 80 level 1 and 2 inmates. The yard is small. there are 3 televisions in the dayroom with lots of seating, one TV with sports all the time, and the other two with various movies and sitcoms. The staff is strict and will write inmates up for minor violations, something i have heard is common with CCF's and MCCF's. They have a computer lab which inmates can attend as their "job" 8 hours a day. They have a large library. Inmates can take pictures i believe 7 days a week for $3.00 at the library to send home. The food is good, 3 hot meals a day, although the portions are smaller.